I’m Amy Granillo, I teach women how to authentically build their own brand and scale their business into a profitable success. Some people say they can teach you that, but they don’t have the authentic and actual experience of doing so in their own life. I show you and teach you from my own experiences upleveling over the years.

Creating + launching brands, growing companies, and showing women how they can do so too, by helping them tap into their own unique talents, is something I have a knack for. I am genuinely passionate about helping women reach their goals and build the life they really want.


I’m a designer of life changing experiences. The women I align with have dreams & goals for themselves and my goal is to teach them how to trust that “pull” they feel (energy) and show them how to apply it in ways that allow them to use their talents & skills to bring what they want into their lives. 


Maybe someone you trust sent you my way or you’ve been searching for someone who can change energy & build brands that attract ideal clients & high frequency projects. Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re here.


I have a couple of higher education degree and several focused professional development and leadership certifications. That’s not what you’re here to learn about me though. You’re here to find out how I upleveled to where I am now.

• 2009 – 2013

I created, launched, and grew two of my own profitable companies: A sales brokerage + project management company and a female focused lifestyle/business coaching business. 

After two years, I restructured to dissolve the sales brokerage and moved into offering bundled project management packages that included branding, marketing, website design, workflow creation, and launch management; focused in the female entrepreneurial realm. That same year I created several passive income streams and built my first email course. 

I founded + built a nonprofit that I grew into a national level organization which provides free support for Marine Corps families. Through this nonprofit I developed two focused programs: The Book Battalion, which is a children’s literacy program and The Spouse Academy, which offers professional-development & personal-development opportunities for spouses. I created paid employment opportunities for spouses and a scholarship program for them to attend my premium programs for free.

 I was a nationally recognized recipient of the George H.W. Bush Points of Light Award and honored twice for my commitment to empowering women in business and for my positive contributions to my communities.

• 2014 – 2016

I sold one of my two original companies for 1.2 times my start up cost and invested the profit from the sale into personal and professional development for myself. I spent some time listening to what was pulling me (energy), and figuring out how to apply that in ways that would bring me high-frequency projects to work on.

I overhauled my brand vibe and changed my services to highly-individualized programs and workshops which aligned with where I was being pulled towards in my business (again, energy).  I launched & opened my schedule before I finished re-doing my website and began attracting ideal clients on social media by making real and authentic connections with people. 

2017 – 2020

My website stayed down because I was working on projects that kept my energy focused there & even though my site was sitting with a splash screen on it for almost two years, I was still booking a full schedule six months in advance.

I was offered a ground-floor investment opportunity and the role of CLO (Chief Launch Officer) with a start up wine company. I put my money & one year of my time and skills into launching and growing it into a profitable business. I sold it for double my initial investment.

I took some time off from hands on running companies and offered individualized 1:1 coaching and online group workshops and mini-courses.

I upleveled to being a six-figure earner.

I took a canine nutrition hobby I was passionate about and turned it into a new small business which blew up into an international company and is a top five industry leader.

I offered pro bono work from time to time and spent a year volunteer mentoring and supporting three upcoming professionals who opened their own thriving online companies.

I created and wrote three new comprehensive online courses & I received my accreditation as a recognized continuing professional development provider. 

 I wanted to expand my philanthropy further, so I created a professional association that was the first of its kind and began the formation of its board of directors, when my association was fully duplicated by someone else. I no longer felt called to the project so I cut my losses and folded it. <— This is a genuine, real life example of how not everything is always going to go perfectly and when negative energy overpowers the pull to work on something, it’s okay to change your mind and walk away. It just means there is something else out there that your energy is better spent on.

I created a trio of new programs, one of which is a mastermind experience that teaches the principles, mindset, and the strategies that I actualize into living the exact life that I want.

• 2021 – Current

I automated a few of my workshops and courses, redid one of my mastery & business building programs, booked out repeatedly the first half of the year and now have taken a step back from booking as much client work so that I can focus on my level II root cause therapy practitioner certification and NLP master practitioner certification.

Advancing to these higher level certifications will allow me to further help my clients. Dedicated time is needed for the required practice hours so I’m keeping my client case load light through the end of the year. 

Want to work with me? Email hello@amygranillo.com or use the contact form here.